Shelly Jackson Buffington

Shelly is a writer, coach, and podcaster based in the PNW. She helps creative people find more joy in their work, which is evident through her catchy tagline, "feel better doing what you love". She's able to help you find that balance in your life where you are your best self through her coaching, and she hosts a podcast called Paniac, which is all about helping those who live in chronic pain. 

For Shelly's branding, we wanted use a nautical and sea-inspired theme because that's where Shelly feels calm and happy. She has a very warm and welcoming approach to her coaching style and we wanted to capture that by using calm, cool teals and blues with a hint of yellow, to represent that warmness. For Shelly, we did a full branding project + a fully responsive Squarespace website.

Visit Shelly's website here:

Responsive website custom made in Squarespace, complete with full branding kit. 
Branding project for Shelly. Salt and sea inspired branding. Beach girl meets adventurer. Branding board by Callie Cullum.