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5 Tips for Transitioning into Full-Time Entrepreneurship

About 8 months ago I embarked on the trip I had been dreaming of since I was an 8 year old girl. The movers had taken everything in my little San Francisco apartment, and my VW Vanagon was packed and loaded and ready to hit the road for a 6 week road trip across the States to my new home in Atlanta. I quit my full time job back in SF and once I landed in Atlanta, I planned to transition into freelancing full time as a graphic and web designer. Now, it’s been roughly 6 months since I started running my own gig, so I thought I’d share several tips I've learned throughout this process.

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How to be Productive When Working at Home

This past weekend I was up in the mountains of Asheville at my future in-laws mountain house to do some wedding planning. Their house is tucked away in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and I couldn’t help but notice how focused I was there versus when I am back at home working in my home office. When working at home, if feels like there are endless amounts of menial chores that can derail my focus for hours. There always seems to be a little voice telling me things like “I’ll start working right after I clean the house”, or “I just need to run one errand and then I will sit down and focus on what I need to do today”. I’ve talked with friends who say they often feel the same way, so I thought I’d share a few tips that have helped me focus when working at home.

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