Why Should You Hire a Graphic Designer?

Why Should you Hire A graphic Designer? Business Tools and tips for Creative Entrepeneurs | Atlanta, Georgia

Most business owners understand the importance of investing in their business, and this is no different when it comes to hiring a professional graphic designer. But, with all the great tools out there, it’s becoming increasingly easier for small business owners to cut costs and create their own logos, marketing materials, brochures, and sometimes even websites. So why should you hire a professional designer?

Steve Jobs is quoted as saying “Design is not just what it looks like and feels likes. Design is how it works.” This holds so much truth. When you hire a graphic designer, you are getting much more than visually appealing graphics. A small investment in design can go a long way in terms of business success. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a graphic designer:

You don’t have time.

Running a business is hard, and your plate is always full. A designer can create elements for your business in a fraction of the time you can. Not only at the production stage but at the idea stage as well. Do you really have time to work on marketing brochures, create templates, and/or teach yourself how design software works? A designer will free up that time for you so you can focus on running your business.


It saves you money.

A designer knows the tricks and trades of the industry that will get you the best value for your money. We have all the correct software that is best suited for design work and printing. We also know how to keep your printing costs at a minimum and prepare your files for print correctly to avoid printer’s fees while they “fix your work”.


It makes you stand out in the crowd.

A designer is a creative expert and will be able to create a cohesive brand for your business that is customized to attract your ideal clients. Unlike the logo you can buy for $25 online, a designer will create a something new and fresh, that hasn’t been created before. You can be assured that your brand will be unique, which will catch people’s eye and generate buzz around your business that will ultimately make you stand out from your competition.


It keeps your look cohesive.

If your marketing materials look different every time you make them, your clients aren’t going to build the visual association with your brand that is so important to your success. A designer knows which fonts to use, how to size fonts, and keep colors consistent to ensure you are creating a cohesive brand. Your goal should be to have someone associate a certain style, symbol, or color with your product or service. A designer can get you there!


You get a new source of ideas.

Designers are by default creative people. By bringing in someone not as close to your business as you with a highly creative mind, you are instantly given a new source of ideas, and are likely to end up with a better concept behind your brand than if you tried to do it alone. We know what ideas have been done, what rules to follow and which to break, and can quickly assess if an idea is worth pursuing or not. We also offer professional design and branding advice, and act as a partner throughout the design process.


It tells your story.

Your customers will often see your brand before ever meeting you. They may find your website online, or get a postcard in the mail, or pick up a business card at a local coffee shop. The point is, you have a story to tell, but you don’t usually get the chance to tell it yourself. You want your customer to pick something up with your brand on it, and immediately be interested in learning more about what you do, offer, and stand for. A professional designer knows how to create a brand that will intrigue a potential client immediately. You have at most 5 seconds to capture someone’s attention, don’t you want to utilize that time well?

These are just a few of the reasons why investing in a designer can pay off in a big way. Ready to take the plunge?

Next, I’ll be writing a follow up post on what it’s like to work with a designer. Be on the lookout for that!